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In the Journey of sliming down:

Are You Setting Your Expectations Too Low?

If your facing despair, anxiety, and thinking that sliming down now and forever is just a crazy dream? 

Just let me say that it's not only possible, but you can even exceed your expectations?

 I feel more beautiful, healthy, and happier than ever before because of a simple "routine" that only takes seconds a day!

Truth be told… My struggles had me at rock bottom.

I was tired all the time, crabby, and my self confidence was at its all time low.

I started my weight loss journey back in July 2020. 
After feeling frustrated about my wardrobe not fitting, and feeling like I didn't look nice in my clothes anymore.

I tried every diet and workout plan on the market and I was about to give up.

Nothing ever worked, not to mention the wasted time and energy that I can never get back...😫

I got to a point that everything was going wrong, or at least it felt that way.

 I don’t want to think I was over 250, but I know I was. 

My health was failing,  My marriage was failing, I could no longer do my job at the level that I expect myself to,  and I was prediabetic. I had to do something about it."

After watching my friend Helen lose 70 in a couple of months, (with no gym) I decided to reach out and ask for help.

I was hesitant to do so because of the embarrassment and shame I felt within myself.

I told her I wasn't doing so well and needed to talk. We made a plan to meet at Starbucks.

When we ordered our coffees she ordered a double expresso mocha.

I was confused

How can you drink that and look that good I asked?

She replied with a smile and asked,

“Do you really think I need to punish myself to make progress?”

She continued to tell me about a little secret she discovered. She called it a secret because few people know about it.  
The diet and weight loss industry do everything they can to keep it that way.

She told me it's a simple once a day routine that takes only 5 seconds every morning.

The strange part is that diet and exercise has nothing to do with it.

The secret is normalizing your inner body temp which allows your metabolism to burn every thing you eat. And its easier than you might think.

I kept thinking to myself, Why would this work if all the diets and pills I've tried in the past don't?

I was skeptical to say the least but Helen was living proof and she was right in front of me. 

I decided to trust it and jumped on myself.

My goal was to be under 200, and my fantasy was to be 180 or less. 

Shockingly, I was setting my expectations very low! 

Today, I weigh a svelte 164 pounds. Nothing feels better than surpassing my goals! 
"It makes me cry to think about how grateful I am. 

My new goal is to quit all the prescribed medication for the rest of my life. 

This is a goal I can set for myself with a realistic expectation because I’m not carrying around over 50-pounds in front of me. 

My back doesn’t hurt as much, my feet don’t hurt at all, and no one recognizes me."

  Like me, you can set expectations that might sound crazy when you're depressed, and at your lowest point. 

But with the right program, proper information, and support you can not only create a new body but a happier life.   

She shared a link with me to get all the details. But I must warn that it keeps getting taken down.

The weight loss industry and their lawyers spend millions of dollars every year to keep this kind of information from being released. 

Click the link below to check it out for yourself!
While you still can.

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